Our Story: From Cops to Bloggers!



Where do we begin?


How did two cops become lifestyle bloggers? and what the heck are lifestyle bloggers anyways?


Well, let’s start from the beginning…


Darren joined the Canadian Navy right out of high school and sailed the high seas for 6 years before returning to his hometown in Brampton, Ontario (just outside of Toronto, Ontario). The years of 200+ days of sailing began to take its toll. And Navy ship food is not exactly the same as cruise ship food in case you were wondering.



After leaving the Navy, and still young and green, he decided to follow his childhood interests of becoming a police officer and joined the force in 2008. He went on to become a training officer a few short years later.



That is when he met her…on a snowy morning in February 2013, in walked his first trainee, weighing in at…just kidding, she was a brown haired, blue eyed girl named Lindsay. She had dreamed of becoming a police officer since playing cops and robbers on the playground in her hometown of Chatham, Ontario…a small town about 3 hours West of Toronto, Ontario.



Darren showed Lindsay the ropes for many months, but neither could deny the budding romance that was forming shift after shift (awww). After Lindsay was finished training and hit the streets, patrollin’ on her own, Darren decided it was time to make his move and asked her out on a date.



(aaand, the awkward cop stance next to our cruiser…we were too badass to put our arms around each other. You could fit 3 Sumo wrestlers in between us. HA!)



The rest is history…kinda


In 2015 Darren and Lindsay tied the knot and went on a beautiful honeymoon in the Maldives (psst…read about that here).




But wait, there’s more!


In 2016 they welcomed their firstborn, Grayson Xavier.


Their lives have never been the same since.


(Within a year and a half of meeting they’d gotten married, and 9 months later had their firstborn child, talk about life changes in a short period of time!)



Then, the plot twist emerges…


With shift work (including 12 hour night shifts) and the grueling call of duty, Lindsay and Darren made the tough decision to make some serious life changes.  They wanted a lifestyle where they could raise their family while building a business together, without the handcuffs (pun intended 😉 ) of a 48 hour a week job.


They wanted a life where they could make their own schedule, spend more time with their new family, and build a business that meant something…



Thus came the idea behind Everyday Harts. A lifestyle blog for anyone out there that wants to follow this journey of online entrepreneurship and get some business, family, money and lifestyle hacks along the way.


And in case you were wondering…


The rules that Darren and Lindsay live by are simple…


  1. Create a life that you love to talk about
  2. Escape the ‘handcuffs’ of a life without choices
  3. Get your finances, business and family values in check!


and most importantly, have fun…welcome to the blog and let’s do this!