Rocking Chair Makeover

I wanted to share a quick little DIY I did recently! This rocking chair has been around for a while….like since my mom was a little girl, so we won’t say how long… (just kidding mom, love ya 😉 ) The original stain of the wood was this dark brown but I wanted to put a little modern touch on it and spruce it up for the nursery as this is what I will be using to nurse our babe when he is here in just a few short weeks!

It was really quite simple, but I thought I would include some step by step instructions on what I did!

So here is the rocking chair before I did anything to it at all (even dust it apparently, whoops!)



1. Since there was varnish on this rocking chair, the first thing I did was grab some sand paper and go to town! My dad was able to get these sanding pads for me.  Be sure to sand every crevice and do your best to get all the varnish off the chair so the paint will adhere better.



2.  After I sanded the whole rocking chair I then grabbed a damp cloth to wipe off all the dust that was on the chair.



3. Pick out what colour/type of paint you want to use.  I knew I wanted to paint the rocking chair white, and we are in the process of painting our baseboards and walls in our house, so I decided that this semi-gloss interior latex paint (that we used on our trim) would do the trick! Overall I’m happy with how it turned out!
I also used just a cheap paint brush from home depot.



4. Now for the fun part (well better than sanding anyways), putting some paint on the chair! Start with the first coat on your chair.  Remember, it is just the first coat, so no need to go crazy thick.  This coat is just barely going to cover it and that’s fine! And if the Cruella Deville look is your thing, you could just stop here 😉



5. Once that coat dries, again it should not take too long since you’ve only done a thin coat, move on to coat #2. I took full advantage of nap time and bed time and was able to have the chair finished in two days.



6. Coat #3…



7. And VOILA! I ended up doing 4 coats overall on the chair.  Keep in mind the chair was such a dark colour to start with, that going from dark brown to white was a huge contrast.  I really wanted to make sure it was completely covered and didn’t show any of the dark wood through it.



I’m really happy with the how it turned out! Now, I know there are a million different ways to repaint a chair (whether it be chalk paint, regular paint, stain etc) all of which I have tried before.  I just wanted to try this regular paint and see how it turned out vs. chalk paint and so far I like the results.

Now to find the perfect cushion or rug to go on the chair and she’s ready for the nursery! I’m moving on to painting everything else in my house white too since I know it turns out well!

Hopefully you found this helpful, and feel free to comment below if you try this method, or if you have a great method yourself that you’d like to share!