Baby number 2!

We couldn’t be more excited and thankful this holiday season to announce that Grayson is going to be a big brother next June!

We found out on my birthday (October 2) that our family was becoming a party of 4, and could hardly contain our excitement to tell everyone!

We decided shortly after to tell our families the fantastic news.  I had a big brother shirt made for Grayson from Eat Sleep Drool that he wore to our parents house to reveal the news! The best was my moms reaction when she read the shirt and said “big brother, no you’re not Grayson” then looked at me, saw it was true and let out the biggest squeal! 🙂

Although Grayson has no idea what we’re talking about when we talk about the baby, we’re trying to teach him that the baby is in Mommy’s belly.  He has started to come over out of the blue, pull my shirt up and give my belly kisses.  It is the sweetest thing ever!

We recently had pregnancy announcement photos taken by Sandra Reimer Photography, and I thought I would share the rest of the cute photos with you all!