You be you


Social media plays such a huge roll in our lives, especially in this day and age.


You see so many ‘perfect’ people portrayed on the internet and wish you could be just like them.


It’s so easy to find yourself sitting behind a computer screen wasting hours upon hours scrolling through your feed.  You come across those people or accounts that seem so perfect and like they have it all together. You long to be more like them so you find yourself constantly coming back for more, just living vicariously through their feed.


While it’s all fine and dandy to admire the way others dress, their hair, their house etc, try to take a step back and appreciate the life you have and all the amazing things you have to be thankful for.


I know this is easier said than done.  Just ask my husband how many times I’ve been on Instagram and have come across those perfect all white homes that seem to be something out of a magazine, and wish sooo bad that it could be my kitchen. While I’m over here in my house with all oak trim, beige walls, and the oldest kitchen with the most beautiful marbled blue countertops (just kidding, it’s actually pretty hideous).


I often find myself so envious of these people and wish so bad that I could just switch houses with them. I mean is that too much to ask?! 😉


I’ve really had to remind myself lately that just because they appear to have it all together on social media, I have no idea what is going on in their personal lives. For all I know they’ve had to work overtime at a job they hate just to be able to get that upgraded kitchen.


It’s often hard to just be thankful for what you have in your life and to keep true to yourself and who you are.


I’ve really made it a priority lately to just focus on being me.  I am lucky to be living in the house I’m in (on 1.3 acres of land).  I have the most amazing husband, and perfect son.  I truly am blessed with the greatest family and am so grateful to be at the place I am in my life.


I have met more amazing people and moms through Instagram, and have made some great friendships.  Learning the ropes and becoming an influencer and blogger on Instagram has also opened up more opportunities for me than I could have ever dreamed up.


While social media is a wonderful thing to connect with people from all over the world, it also can bring out the envious, jealous side that we all have inside of us.


If you don’t have that perfect, shiny, long gorgeous hair (I don’t) and you find yourself with a million broken baby hairs sticking up everywhere (thank you pregnancy and nursing);



If you don’t have that perfect house and feel ashamed to show yours off (I definitely fall into this category);



If you don’t have that perfect model shaped body with legs for days;



Happiness is not defined by the things we own or the way we look.  What matters the most is our loved ones around us, our health and our overall zest for life. With the holidays quickly approaching let’s count our blessings and be thankful for everything we do have in our lives.


Don’t catch yourself on social media night after night wishing you could be that model in the swimsuit, or coveting that gorgeous all white living room you see on an Instagram feed.  Instead, stop yourself.  Take a moment and be grateful for everything you do have in your life and be proud of what you have and count your blessings.


People will find you far more beautiful if you stop trying to act like someone you’re not.  People want to see the true raw version of yourself.


I urge you to just be you! Now, don’t get me wrong I know it’s easier said than done especially when social media often portrays the perfect side of someone.  But next time you find yourself falling into the jealousy trap, stop yourself and just remind yourself, YOU BE YOU!


I promise you, you will be far happier and feel like you’re living such a full and rewarding life when you’re not pretending to be someone you not, or being completely envious of someone else.


Embrace the things that make you YOU and be proud to flaunt your stuff!