16 Popular Blogs we can’t stop reading

Hey everyone!


Since we just started our blog less than a month ago, we thought that we should list some other blogs that we’ve been reading over the past little while that inspire us, make us laugh, and keep us coming back for more.


There’s millions upon millions of blogs in the world and an insane amount of great articles and people that we come across all the time. This list will evolve and change as time passes…but for now we just wanted to put a few out there to start off our favorite blogs list. Check out some of these blogs and have fun taking in some unique perspectives on…anything and everything!


1. Dooce

Heather B. Armstrong is back in full force and she’s not holding anything back. This blog is edgy, funny, and full of emotion and rawness. This mama isn’t afraid to express herself in the best and the worst ways. Keep up the great work Heather!



2. A Cup of Jo

Inspired by Jo-anna Goddard, a mother with an entrepreneurial spirit and a style of writing that captivates and holds you till the end. This blog will keep you skimming through articles for days without taking a bathroom break. Throw it into your bookmark page and prepare to keep coming back for more.



3. A Beautiful Mess

Just like its name, A Beautiful Mess is a wonderful concoction of food, decor, crafts, style and even some courses in the mix. Sisters Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman have created apps, books, courses, and much more. They are a force to be reckoned with and they don’t seem to be stopping anytime soon.



4. Making Sense of Sense

This personal finance blog written by Michelle Schroeder-Gardner is unlike any other out there. Michelle talks openly about finance and posts monthly income statements where her and her husband net over 100k a month while travelling the world from their RV. No house, no debt, just a laptop and an RV, Pretty cool huh?



5. Smart Passive Income

Pat Flynn is the definition of online entrepreneur. If you want to learn how to create a blog from scratch or make a killer podcast, this is the place to go. On this blog you’ll find a plethora of information on creating passive income streams right from your laptop. A definite must read.



6. Unsplash

Not actually a blog per se, but still fun and interesting. The unsplash community has tons of free stock photos for your viewing pleasure. If you need a cool pic for your background, screensaver, or you just want to browse, this website has all the eye candy you’ll ever need. (You can even add a few pics of your own if you want)



7. Pregnant Chicken

Pregnant chicken isn’t quite like the other pregnancy websites, could you guess from it’s name? If you want a dose of clever and funny new age mama advice, this is the place to go. Men and women from all walks of life flock (pun intended) to this site to get some down to earth grade A pregnancy tips. You can take it or leave it, but our advice is to stop in and check it out…you won’t want to leave once you get started!



10. The Planet D

Travelling is their forte, and they make it look so fun! On this blog Dave and Deb chronicle their adventures while travelling full time and are always taking time to enjoy everything this world has to offer. They break down how they’ve come to be full time travel bloggers and the ups and downs along the way. Get some insight on what it’s like to be a full time nomad by reading this blog.




11. Smart Blogger

The name speaks for itself. Smart blogger is….about smart blogging (or blogging smartly). Jon Morrow created this blog in 2012 and this is your one stop shop for learning how to create a wicked website that’ll thrive. He breaks it down in a no nonsense way. No filler, just real stuff.



12. Tim Ferriss’ Blog (Four Hour Work Week)

The Four Hour Work Week was a game changer in the entrepreneurial world. Tim Ferriss has a one of a kind thought process when it comes to building a business and automating the sh** out of it. Great info and great reads. Add The Four Hour Work Week to your book collection as of yesterday!



13. Pro Blogger

Full time author, speaker and blogger Darren Rowse is a fountain of information when it comes to building a community using blogging. On his blog there are podcasts, books, articles, and much more for ideas and blueprints on how to kick off your blog. He’s been blogging for 15 years and has the experience to show for it. Have a look and you won’t be disappointed.



14. A Pinch of Yum

Lindsay and her husband Bjork are in the driver’s seat on this food blog with more delicious recipes than you can shake a bread stick at. Lindsay was a former 4th grade teacher who found her new passion with blogging and has never looked back since. Try to avoid drooling too much as you browse through the mouth watering recipes, page after page.



15. Just a girl and her blog

Just a girl and her blog is more than it’s name. Abby Lawson dishes out all the tips and tricks you’ll need for organizing your home, office, closet, and even your life! Abby knows hows to put things where they belong and you’re bound to learn a thing or two as you read through her extremely useful informational guide.



17. The Skinny Confidential

Lauryn Evarts has created a lifestyle blog with no censor and huge doses of “MAJOR REALNESS”. She created and crafted her blog over a 2 year period before even launching it! She is a true entrepreneur in every sense of the word and her style and personality will keep you perusing through article after article. Check out some awesome meal plans, recipes, or just some “real shit” on this blog.



18. Mark Manson

Mark Manson. Where do we start. Mark tells it like it is and there’s nothing that’s going to change that. He started off coaching guys on dating and now he talks about life, relationships, and everything in between. His Book – The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*$% is a New York Times best-seller and is a highly recommended read for anyone looking for a new perspective on life. Don’t want to get the book right away? Be sure to read through a few articles and I guarantee you’ll change your mind.



That’s it for now, but we find ourselves being sucked into new blogs daily. We will most definitely be updating this list in the near future. For now, you have plenty of blogs to read through and keep you busy for a long, loooooong, time. Be sure to keep looking for those hidden gems out there and send us any you think we should have look at.