4 blatantly obvious tips for becoming invincible


This guy looks pretty fearless huh? Yeah I think so too. But most of us don’t walk around wearing 19th century medieval garb on a daily basis.


So what can you do to be like this guy, but not have to walk around like a cast member of Medieval Times? 


Here’s a few things you can do…


Starting with:


Being Vulnerable


My wife and I made a blog. Together…


I never thought that I’d be working on a blog with my wife. (I never thought I’d be working on a blog, period!) First off, I’ve always been a very private person. And in reading hundreds of blogs…I’ve come to realize that some of these blogs stand out, while others don’t.


The one thing that makes a blog (or a person) stand out from the crowd can be explained in one word:




Definition (according to dictionary.com) – (being) open to moral attack, critcism.


The best blogs I’ve read have shown a side of the author that was very open and vulnerable. They opened up to their audience. They opened themselves up to criticism from people who may not agree with what they were saying, or how they were saying it. 


It’s not easy to leave your comfort zone when that’s all you’ve known for the last 3 decades of your life. I used to think to myself…what would Suzy say if I left my job and started my own (insert niche business idea here)? What would Sebastian think if I started a blog about (insert blog topic here)? What if my mom reads my blog?


Then I realized….who cares what Suzy and Sebastion think (they’re made up anyways). And my mom, well…I love you mom! (she’s really supportive) 


Also…all of that fear of opening up and being vulnerable melts away when I watch this video:


(I can’t get this song outta my head)


So why is this video important?


Well, first off, I wouldn’t have even known about Splash ‘N Boots if I didn’t have a 1 year old son. So I’m thankful I’ve had the chance to sit down and watch countless episodes of these two.


Here’s what we can learn from Splash N’ Boots:


This show started as a class project in Kingston, Ontario. Their first show had an audience of two people (one being Boot’s dad). Since then they have released 9 albums and 3 DVD’s and can be caught on repeat on the kids network, Treehouse. (source – splashnboots.com).


These two are an inspiration because they clearly love what they do. And, they obviously don’t care about what other people think about them. I mean, can you imagine what their college classmates thought of their wacky dance moves and songs when they got started?


There’s something to be said about a couple of people who perform a show with 2 people in the audience and still decide that it’s a good idea to continue with the venture…to eventually travel the world, doing what they love to do.


You’ve gotta start somewhere, right?


If that isn’t inspirational, what is?


I’ve learned more from watching these two entrepreneurs than I ever thought I could from a kids TV show.


Watch these two and you will get a feeling of the true meaning of letting go, following your passion, and being vulnerable.



Get through your first 100 days


So how can you be more like Splash N’ Boots?


Well…let’s start with asking yourself…do you care about what people think?


Hey, I dated a girl I trained at work who ended up being my wife. Can you imagine the flack I got from co-workers during that fiasco?


It sucked.


I was “that guy” who dated his trainee.


Everyday I went to work and wanted a sinkhole to devour me. But I didn’t want to let go of someone that I could possibly see myself with for the rest of my life.


Now that I think back, the whole thing was silly. Why did I care if my co-workers thought less of me or made fun of me? Was my little world at that time really that bad in the grand scheme of things? 


At the time when I felt embarrassed about the whole – dating my trainee thing, one supervisor called me into her office and sat me down.


She said one thing that put the whole situation into perspective for me.


She said…


“No one is going to care about this situation in 100 days”


And believe it or not, 100 days later, no one cared.


It was as if it never happened.


Can you get through 100 days of difficult times to reach a desired destination?


Because the alternative is, staying in your comfort zone. In which case, you’ll never know what was waiting for you on the other end of that door that you were too afraid to open.


Is it worth not opening that door?


Get out of your comfort zone and open every door you can to see what’s on the other side! (Don’t ask for permission….just do it!)



Get Rejected Daily


Jia Jiang’s book – Rejection Proof: How I Beat Fear and Became Invincible Through 100 Days of Rejection changed my life.


I used to carry a GUN on my hip and thought I was a fearless cop. Reality is, I was actually pretty scared inside. Afraid to start a business, afraid to not have money, afraid to quit my job, afraid of what others thought, and the list goes on…. Then I came across Jia Jiang’s book and I’ve never been the same since.


Jia Jiang was tired of corporate life. He was burned out and done with the office politics. He felt trapped in his job, with no way out. Unhappy with the way his life was going, he decided to leave his job and find new ways to conquer the fear of rejection that we all succumb to on a daily basis. The fear that holds us in the place we’re in, never allowing us to venture out into the real world, or try new things and become who we want to be.


Over the course of 100 days, he forced himself to do things that he never would have done before (he completed one task a day). He brainstormed off the wall ideas that would kick him out of his comfort zone. Things that made him vulnerable. Things that made him uncomfortable. Things that eventually made him rejection proof and ultimately, invincible.


A few of my favorite fear conquering tasks that he lists in his book are:


  1. Borrow $100 from a stranger
  2. Plant a flower in a random persons yard
  3. Ask for Olympic symbol donut at Krispy Kreme (this one made the news, check the article out here)
  4. Ring a bell for the Salvation Army
  5. Slide down the firepole at a firestation
  6. Dry clean his tire
  7. Sit in a police cars driver’s seat


(If you want to see the rest of Jia Jiang’s list of 100 days of rejection therapy, check it out here, if you want his book, get it here)


Look to the future


In Jonas Jonasson’s book – The 100 year old man who climbed out the window and disappeared, we follow the wild journey of 100 year old Allan Karlsson. A man who has seen too much in life to find himself in a nursing home to celebrate his 100th birthday.


So what does he do? He escapes from his nursing home to go on one last adventure of a lifetime.


This funny story of an adventurous 100 year old teaches us that you can live a daring life at any age. The story captures the idea that we focus too much on the now, without realizing that one day we are going to be 100 years old (hopefully we make it that far) and we aren’t going to care anymore about what our co-workers thought, how many friends we had, whether or not we bought a $10 drink at Starbucks that one summer day, or what our neighbour thought about that new garden we planted.


Are you going to wait until you’re 100 years old to look back and wonder if you lived?


I hope not. I hope you’ll choose to live your life young. Before you work 30-40 years for someone else and wonder what happened with all the time that passed you by. Or wonder why you didn’t take that vacation you wanted to take (check out our awesome honeymoon vacation here), or buy that investment property you should have bought (check out how we made almost $200,000 on an investment property here)….and so on….


If you aren’t living the life you want today…I have one question for you…


why not?




Be vulnerable, get through your 100 days (of failure, change and growth), get rejected daily and look to the future…