Photo shoot with side hustler mamas


This past week Grayson and I were lucky enough to be part of a photo shoot for some of our favourite brands, who are run by some bad ass hustler mamas!


Bad ass mama #1 – Elizabeth is the owner of Wooly Doodle. Wooly Doodle is modern apparel for tiny humans.  The fall 2017 collection as well as lounge line just dropped last night (August 18) with the most adorable items! The fabric for the lounge line is sooo soft. Literally like butter. Go buy all the things from her website here. Also, give her a follow on Instagram here and Facebook here.



Badass Mama #2 – Rachel is the owner of The Mighty Co. All of her moccasins are handmade with genuine leather and so freakin’ adorable! Grayson’s worn them since he was a few months old and the quality is phenomenal! You won’t be able to just buy one pair. Check our her moccs and other accessories on her website here and go give her a follow on Instagram here and Facebook here!



During the photo shoot Grayson was able to wear pieces from both Wooly Doodle and The Mighty Co.  Let’s just say I got my cardio in that morning chasing after him.  When that boy decides he’s had enough, no bribing will convince him to cooperate.  Thankfully the amazing Amber from Ampersand Creative was able to catch a few quick pics of his smile as he spun in circles, being a goof.


For Grayson’s first look, he wore Wooly Doodle’s adventure awaits/charcoal hoodie paired with The Mighty Co. new brown leather boots (soo cute!). For his second look he wore Wooly Doodle’s light grey Raglan Lounge tee and solitude/everglade harem pants with the same brown boots.  Grayson had missed nap time that morning so by the second outfit he’d had enough and became a stage 5 clinger! We made a spur of the moment decision for me to put on a light grey ladies raglan lounge tee (everyone NEEDS one) and attempt some pics of us together.  While he looks like the saddest baby ever, I wasn’t going to turn down all the snuggles I was getting, and the pictures turned out pretty cute!



The photo shoot went over so well, given it consisted of 8 children under the age of 2.  The pictures that were captured by Ampersand Creative were used in the launch of Wooly Doodle’s website. The site looks so good and all the little kidlets look stinking adorable in their gear.


I just need to rave about these two side hustler mamas for a sec.  Elizabeth and Rachel both have sons who are around 7 months old.  While we all know how busy they become at that age (and if you don’t, its busy!) they both still find time to kill it with their businesses. They’ve grown their side hustles to be extremely successful, while being full time moms (they’ve even hired outside talent to grow their businesses). I know this can’t be easy all the time, but they sure make it look like it is!


Props to all those side hustler mamas out there.  You guys are the bomb! To read more about side hustler mamas check out our post on the new age stay at home moms here.


All photos were taken by Ampersand Creative. Go give her a follow on Instagram here and on Facebook here.