How long do you spend at the grocery store?


There are 168 hours in a week.


And let’s just say you get 7 hours of sleep a night (if you’re lucky!)


That leaves you with 119 hours.


Eating, we’ll say that takes about 2 hours a day…


Down to 105 hours.


And you probably spend 50+ hours on your online business or whatever type of work you do (40 hr/week plus commute).


Down to 65 hours.


There’s still cooking, cleaning, yard work, taking care of your kids, outings, and miscellaneous things that you don’t even realize take a lot of time out of your week.


If you spend 1 hour a week in the grocery store, that adds up to over 2 days a year spent with your kid hanging off your leg as you try to navigate your way through the aisles of the store.  And hopefully you don’t have to spend an extra 10 minutes to find that one item they decided to stock on the end of an aisle somewhere.


Mom’s know this well, time is precious, and it slips away fast.  Could you imagine spending two full days straight in a grocery store? that’s a horror movie I don’t wanna be a part of.



So how do we reclaim our time? We spend less of it in the grocery store.



Start to take mental notes of where things are in the grocery store so you can be in and out and not spending extra time grazing the aisles (plus, the more you graze, the more you spend!). And if you can squeeze it in on the way home from work instead of a special trip on your hard earned days off, that may help too.


If you can avoid going on weekends, that’s always the best plan of action.


The layout of 99.9% of grocery stores are the same.  Fresh and frozen stuff on the outer perimeter (and usually the healthest stuff) and the stuff with the longer shelf life is in the middle aisles.


Despite all of this, the number 1 thing that helps minimize my time in the grocery store is…


The Grocery list!


Keep a running tab as you go through the week (we keep ours on the fridge).  If you don’t want it out in the open, stick it in a drawer.


As you think of something you need or you run out of something, take a second and jot it down on the list.


Now, I always end up losing the list when I bring it to the grocery store, and my weeks effort is lost. So what I’d advise you do is take a pic of the list and read it off of your phone when you get to the grocery store (or you could just make the list in your phone to begin with).


Either way, the point I’m trying to get across is, have a plan.


When my husband and I go to the grocery store together, we are in and out within 20 minutes. He gets one thing, I get another, and before you know it we are packing our bags and heading to the car(Try setting a timer on your phone or watch and see if you can beat your best time the next time you get groceries)


The last thing I want to do is spend more time than I have to in a grocery store.


Reclaim your time, make a list, and don’t forget your veggies! 😉