The Monster of All Blenders



I used to change blenders like I changed hairstyles. I’d take the low road and buy a 60 to 85 dollar blender from my local department store and bring it home. I’d put everything in these blenders from fruit to veggies to oatmeal.


And the result was always the same. I’d end up with a broken down blender with a burnt out motor and the smell of burnt rubber throughout my kitchen.


I’d go through a blender every 8 months.


Something had to give. At this rate I was at $120 a year in blender expenses and I had a broken blender every year!


I went on the hunt. I looked in smoothie shop windows and did internet searches for the best blenders that you could blend everything but the kitchen sink in (or maybe even the kitchen sink too).


Then I came across this beast – The Blendtec Total Blender. I found this video on YouTube and decided I had to have this blender. I saw this man in a white lab coat blend everything from an iPhone 6 to golf balls and I was in love (with the blender).



Mind blown…


That wild side jar… the technology…everything.


The wild side jar had a cool innovative design. The corner was shaped differently to allow for a unique type of blend, not the traditional circular blend, but a blend that mixes everything up in a way that doesn’t allow for the chunks that you get with those cheapie blenders. 


Also there’s no need to smash down the contents with a tube while blending as the wild side jar and hitting the blend button is all you need for that perfect smoothie.


Now for the real selling point (this is all I needed).


3 horsepower. T-H-R-E-E horses!



This may not seem like a lot on its own, but 3 horsepower in a little compact blender on your counter is a lot!


When the traditional blender is only 1/2 horsepower (not even a full horse, psshh), it only makes sense.


Why, this thing can eat your kitchen sink. 😉


Another great feature… 8 year warranty…. e-i-g-h-t years!!!


So let’s do some math:


Welcome to the Everyday Hart’s math class everyone! 


The price tag on this blender is around $440 (when I bought it at least)… I was paying $120 a year for cheap blenders that would break.


So in 4 years I was $480 deep and still had no blender to call my own until I went to the store and picked up another crappy 1/2 horsepower dud. 


So with the 8 year warranty, I was good for almost a decade! plus I got the king of all blenders to use in the meantime!


If you spread the cost of the blendtec over 8 years then you’re at about $56 a year in annual costs.


I was spending more than double this amount when I kept buying blenders that broke down all the time.


Now if your thinking that you won’t need to blend the kitchen sink, I understand. I used to think the same, until all my blenders started to break down after a few frozen strawberry and blueberries were put in there.


The second I brought home the Blendtec, I was hooked. After using the Cadillac of blenders, I knew I was never going back to a 1/2 horsepower Prius again (no offence to Prius owners).


(I’m just so happy to be blending this smoothie for this pic! 😉 )


Also, I’m thankful for the warranty, because after a few years of abuse, the bottom portion of the Widside Jar that inserts into the base became loose. I called Blendtec and they sent me a new one immediately. I was back to blending again in no time.


In the Hart household we’ve recently changed it up a little with meals, which is where the blender has really made our life easier. Instead of doing 3 full meals for the day, we make a big breakfast and big dinner and have a shake for lunch. This allows us to work through lunch if need be and we also don’t feel so full throughout the day. It’s also the easiest way to get most of your veggies in early in the day if you add a couple of handfuls of spinach in your smoothie concoction.


We’ve also found it pretty convenient to make a small smoothie for our son as a snack (we make his without the protein). It’s a great was for him to get some veggies in too.


I can’t find one bad thing to say about this blender, or I wouldn’t have spent the time to rave about it for 800 words.


Do your math on your blender situation and if you can fit this one in the budget, give it some serious consideration, you can’t go wrong.


Send me some of your killer blender recipes while you’re at it! (


Happy blending!